Swindlers Valley Ski Club History

Swindlers Valley Ski Club was formed in 1969 by members of the Bass Strait Diving Club. Our site was selected for its’ spectacular southern vista, easy access and proximity to transport.

The Lodge has weathered many winters, but the dedication of the original members to structural integrity has proved to be a good investment.

Every summer enthusiastic work parties maintain and improve the Lodge with on-going programmes for the comfort and enjoyment.

Swindlers Valley Ski Club was one of the first clubs to build on Mt Hotham, the club started with 18 members. The ski club facilities have been updated over time with more beds a large kitchen and entertainment area. Planning for future upgrades is already under way.

We have heating in each bedroom with combustion wood fire in the lounge. Go to our About Page to view more details.

Our view of the Alpine range is second to none with a relaxing environment to have a holiday any time of the year.

The lodge is also situated just above some of Hotham’s history. Just down the hill from the lodge is the ruins of  the ‘Grimsley brothers gold mine’. At the ruins you can find some old tram wheels, a mining battery chassis and many adits leading deep into the ground. The mine was operational before world war two, and was shut down in 1941.